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The Lost Art of Kreigh Collins: Volume 1: The Complete Mitzi McCoy

Volume 1: The Complete Mitzi McCoy

Edited and restored by the artist’s grandson, Brian E. Collins, with an introduction by Eisner Award-winning author Frank M. Young, and an Afterword by comics columnist Ed Catto.

Lost Art Books launches the first volume in a new series devoted to underappreciated illustrator and comic artist Kreigh Collins (1908-74), collecting for the first time his syndicated Sunday strip Mitzi McCoy in its entirety.

Set in quirky small-town Michigan, Mitzi McCoy ran from 1948 to 1950 in newspapers across the United States, featuring a wide variety of story lines revolving around con artists, pin-up girls, counterfeiters, and shakedowns.

Drawn as well as scripted by Collins, Mitzi McCoy showcased the artist’s skill as an illustrator and storyteller. His picturesque landscapes, lovely character designs, and thrilling action sequences brimmed with detail and charm, and the strip’s ensemble cast rotated in and out of the spotlight taking turns as the protagonist of the dozen story arcs collected in this volume. The last story within collected here is the narrative bridge that set Collins and his characters off on a new journey, beautifully told for the next couple of decades in the much-lauded adventure strip Kevin the Bold.

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Release date: Sept. 15-16, debuting at the Small Press Expo 2018

$34.95 • 148 pp. • color • paperback